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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can obtain a burn permit?

Only residents living in approved areas can obtain a permit. Permits are conditional and may be revoked at any time.

How can I obtain a burn permit?

You may register online using this website, or you can visit us in person at the municipal office. Payment can be made online by credit card, visa debit, or PayPal as well as in cash at the municipal office.

What can I burn?

Please only burn wood, wood by-products (cardboard, paper etc.), grass, brush or leaves.

Do I need a permit?

If you want to have an open-air fire (bonfire, fire pit etc.) then yes, you need an approved permit. If you are having a barbecue a permit is not required.

How long is my agricultural/industrial burn plan valid for?

It is valid for one year from the start of the year purchased. It includes everything that is part of the submitted and then approved plan.

When is burning permitted?

Burning is permitted no earlier than two (2) hours before sunset and must be extinguished two (2) hours before sunrise or earlier. Agricultural/Industrial Burn plans are exempt from this stipulation.

How long is my permit valid for? Are permits required year-round?

General, Recreational & Incinerator permits are valid for the current calendar year. Permits are required year-round.

Do you have to notify anyone prior to burning?

Call before you burn into the automated number at 807-789-4919 to activate your intention to burn within the next 24 hours. The current hazard rating is also provided by the automated system